Mens Caliber Golf Shirt

Altitude ALT-CBR Aqua

Quick Overview

The Caliber Golf Shirt is the perfect blend of smart and casual for your workplace or event. It has fresh, colour contrast detailing that will turn heads. The inset welt pocket with a contrasting trim is a fun and practical way to add to the professional look of the shirt. With it's classic good looks and stunning 

  • Contrast peepout cuffs
  • Contrast knitted collar
  • Contrast neck binding
  • Regular fit
  • 180gsm
  • 65/35 cotton rich
  • Product Dimension: Gents: (XS - 5XL)
  • Welt pocket with contrast detail

Size Price (Excl VAT) Quantity you Want Stock On Hand  
S R 139,30 247
M R 139,30 581
L R 139,30 549
XL R 139,30 317
2XL R 139,30 120
3XL R 139,30 57
4XL R 139,30 25
5XL R 139,30 26
Totals 1922  
Item Code Description In Stock Amount Due Due Date
ALT-CBR-AQ-S Mens Caliber Golf Shirt 247 0
ALT-CBR-AQ-M Mens Caliber Golf Shirt 581 0
ALT-CBR-AQ-L Mens Caliber Golf Shirt 549 0
ALT-CBR-AQ-XL Mens Caliber Golf Shirt 317 0
ALT-CBR-AQ-2XL Mens Caliber Golf Shirt 120 0
ALT-CBR-AQ-3XL Mens Caliber Golf Shirt 57 0
ALT-CBR-AQ-4XL Mens Caliber Golf Shirt 25 0
ALT-CBR-AQ-5XL Mens Caliber Golf Shirt 26 0
TOTALS 1922 0  
Altitude caliber gents golfer in South Africa.
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