Mens Splice Golf Shirt

Biz Collection BIZ-3610 Black With Red

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Stylish Golf Shirts like the Biz Collection Splice are a fantastic way to accessorise your brand. These beautiful golf shirts are made from moisture management material, so that you stay dry under pressure. That makes these fantastic for the boardroom, as well as on the playing field. A golf shirt like this is perfect for a corporate uniform in Sunny South Africa

S - 4XL

160 gsm²

100% BIZ COOLtm polyester mesh knit Self-fabric collar

Three button placket

Tone-on-tone buttons

Contrast colour insert at raglan position

Contrast side panels

Loose pocket included 

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S R 171,70 49
M R 171,70 183
L R 171,70 142
XL R 171,70 110
2XL R 171,70 40
3XL R 171,70 37
4XL R 171,70 30
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BIZ-3610-BLR-S Mens Splice Golf Shirt 49 0
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BIZ-3610-BLR-XL Mens Splice Golf Shirt 110 0
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BIZ-3610-BLR-4XL Mens Splice Golf Shirt 30 0
TOTALS 591 0  

Stylish Golf Shirts – Are you looking for office wear to impress your clients and keep you looking and feeling at the top of your game? The Biz Collection’s Splice golf shirts splices fresh, modern appeal with classic designs to give you beautiful golf shirts. And with Brand Innovation, we can work together to get you an amazing staff uniform that will have you feeling like the South African James Bond.

  • Cool Fit
  • 11 Gorgeous colours
  • Colour Contrast Accents
  • Polyester
  • Available in kids’ sizes

Cool Fit Golf Shirts

When the heat is on in the office, or if it just happens to be a warm day in sunny South Africa, keeping cool is a priority. The Splice golf shirt is made with Biz Cool™ polyester mesh knit.

What is Biz Cool?

Biz Cool is The Biz Collection’s own water wicking fabric. This is also called Coolfit and Dryfit. Water wicking fabric is a synthetic that has been designed to draw moisture away from the skin and keep you cool and dry. This makes it super great for sportswear and for hot climates.

That’s the Biz Collection, bringing you the best of both worlds so that you can get on with your business without having to sweat the small stuff.

The Splice is an amazing trendy golf shirt that will keep your brand looking sharp. It has a contrast colour accent on the yoke of the shirt and the side panels, for that little extra bit of excitement that every international super spy craves.

Golf Shirts with Pockets

And if you need an extra pocket to carry all your gadgets in, then this shirt comes with a loose pocket that we can attach for you. Would you like your branding on your pocket? Can do!

The reason that this pocket is provided loose is to give you the option of having it branded. Embroidery looks stunning on a golf shirt, and we can get you a beautiful embroidered logo.

When you want your corporate uniform to be as beautiful as your company is, the Biz Collection is an excellent choice. This brand is made up of dashing office wear that will turn heads and have people sitting up to take notice of your company.

These great golf shirts come in 11 fun colours. This includes the classics, like white, navy, blue, black and red. As well as some fun combinations like black with red accents, for the international man of mystery.

Corporate clothing like this is a great way to bring a team together. It helps to give everyone a team spirit and equality. And even though he works fantastically on his own, James Bond also works with a team, and relies on them. With M providing direction and Q providing the gadgets, we all have our own MI5 team behind us.  And you can keep them looking their best by putting your brand on these stunning, Stylish Golf Shirts

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