Ladies Apex Golf Shirt Slazenger

Slazenger SLAZ-3203 Black

Quick Overview

Slazenger Apex Ladies Golf Shirt Details:
  • 100% Cool Fit piqué knit polyester 
  • 185 g/m²
  • Rib knit collar 
  • Contrast colour neck tape 
  • Four button placket 
  • Tone-on-tone logo buttons 
  • Slazenger tab at front bottom left 
  • Contrast colour side panels
  • Sizes S - 3 XL
  • Branding: embroidery and screen printing 
  • Available in:
  • Black
  • Khaki
  • Light Blue
  • Lime
  • Navy 
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Royal blue
  • White 

Size Price (Excl VAT) Quantity you Want Stock On Hand  
S R 282,61 43
M R 282,61 99
L R 282,61 27
XL R 282,61 1
2XL R 282,61 0
3XL R 282,61 30
4XL R 282,61 36
Totals 236  
Item Code Description In Stock Amount Due Due Date
SLAZ-3203-BL-S Ladies Apex Golf Shirt Slazenger 43 0
SLAZ-3203-BL-M Ladies Apex Golf Shirt Slazenger 99 0
SLAZ-3203-BL-L Ladies Apex Golf Shirt Slazenger 27 0
SLAZ-3203-BL-XL Ladies Apex Golf Shirt Slazenger 1 0
SLAZ-3203-BL-2XL Ladies Apex Golf Shirt Slazenger 0 0
SLAZ-3203-BL-3XL Ladies Apex Golf Shirt Slazenger 30 0
SLAZ-3203-BL-4XL Ladies Apex Golf Shirt Slazenger 36 0
TOTALS 236 0  

Slazenger Apex Ladies Golf Shirt - score more! 


Golf shirts make for stunning branded corporate uniforms. Slazenger is a brand to be proud of. Give your company, brand or organisation the honour of being dressed in this golf shirt or any of our other excellent golf shirts


The Slazenger Ladies Apex Golf Shirt is perfect for the on green and in the office: 

  • Made of moisture management fabric, so it's a great choice for sports teams and people on the go. 
  • A high-quality Slazenger Product to represent your brand!
  • A well-rounded golf shirt that can be used as a sports uniform and corporate office wear
  • It's perfect for golf days, sporting events, and corporate uniforms


Slazenger is a well-known and highly respected sports brand. It has one of the longest standing roles as a sporting brand in the world. Slazenger is a trusted and prestigious brand that has been in the business of supplying sports clothing and goods for over a century, so it's a brand that you can rely on and expect excellent quality from. 

  • Golf days
  • Sports events
  • Open days 
  • Conference events
  • Outdoor events 

Impress clients, keep employees cool and calm and make customers happy! Golf days are a wonderful opportunity to network, and what better way to keep top of your clients' minds than by giving them a stunning Slazenger Golf shirt that they can take home? Invest in a brand that will have your back, literally! Invest in a brand that will have your back, literally! Such an admired and renowned brand like Slazenger, is one to rely on. Slazenger golf shirts can alter your triumph into pure glory! Whether its silent punching the air after closing that business deal, beating your best records on the field or anything that makes you engage in the life-changing moments of the days successes, you’ll be looking and feeling great in a Slazenger golf shirt!

Slazenger Golf Shirts

Slazenger golf shirts offer a world of exciting luxury and high-end quality! Connect your brand, company or organisation with a brand to be proud of! Golf shirts by Slazenger are dynamic in nature, stylish, trendy and well-designed. Slazenger golf shirts can be used to glam up the office, smarten your company look, make


Slazenger Golf Shirts For Women

Slazenger golf shirts for women are designed for ladies on-the-go, made with cool-fit and moisture management fabrics. breathable material. Be a busy-body with no sweat! Golf shirts that take the worry out of sweat showing or feeling the dropping drips. Moisture management golf shirts ensure that sweat is absorbed through the golf shirt’s fibres and taking it away from the skin. So, you can keep calm and carry on with your day’s activities and adventures. Doing good business is all about making clients and customers smiles and making the little things in life a breeze for them. Be that shining light of help and create happiness! Gifting a Slazenger golf shirt or making one part of your corporate company will do this!


Slazenger Golf Shirt Suppliers

As one of the top Slazenger golf shirt suppliers in South Africa, we pride ourselves in supplying the best golf shirts with high-quality branding solutions. Slazenger is a brand we trust and are honoured to offer in our corporate golf clothing catalogue. We supply brands like Slazenger that offer a polished and sophisticated look for your corporate uniform. Our Slazenger golf shirt catalogue offers a range of different golf shirts, one for every type of occasion or style to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of cool colours for the office that are super sleek and elegant, funky fun colours for promotional events, golf days or for kids or classic colours to suit your corporate company uniform! We’ve got it all and there’s a golf shirt for you and your company! We are a premium golf shirt supplier in South Africa, stocking brands with integrity and well-respected reputation, such as Slazenger. A brand with prestige and years of experience in the sports branding business. We align with brands that are grounded in good beliefs and honest in their business. Connect your company or brand with a Slazenger golf shirt and you’ll be the leader of the pack! Supplying high-end and great quality brands that you can rely on and have pleasure using is our aim! A Slazenger golf shirt will put you in the front seat of business and make you the shining star of any room! Supplying such a fantastic brand is what makes us one of the best in the business!

Branded Golf Shirts

Branded golf shirts are one of the best marketing tools for exposing your brand and expanding the reach of your company! A golf shirt carrying your brand or company’s name, offers a great representation for the image of your brand. Showcase your company or brand in style and in trendy fashion with a golf shirt! It will do all the talking for you. Present a strong visual of what your company or brand do! Keep it fresh and relevant to the trend’s of today with a golf shirt that offers comfort, class, elegance and a professional edge! Branding is an essential part of marketing your brand or keeping your company in visibility. Reaching your target market with relevant and relatable products is key to mastering the art of successful branding! Tick all the branding boxes with a golf shirt and see your business take off! We offer branding options that will make any golf shirt dazzle and delight your clients when they make that first connection between


Corporate Golf Shirts

Corporate golf shirts will add that extra edge and wow factor to your corporate uniform! Corporate uniforms are always a need for a business, corporate company or commercial industry. Add a golf shirt to your corporate uniform and make your staff feel sleek and sophisticated while impressing clients with dazzling charm! In any company, business, organisation or brand, a corporate uniform is a major part of ensuring your company is well represented. Presentation of your brand or company is key to clients respecting you, wanting to do business with you and recommending your business to other clients. An impression can make or break any business deal, let your impression leave clients speechless and be honoured to work with you. Showcase your company or brand in style and let your reputation stand strong. A corporate golf shirt as part of your corporate uniform has the potential to take your company to places of respect, client loyalty and continual business growth.

Golf Shirts Wholesaler

We are a golf shirts wholesaler in South Africa. Supplying a wide range of stunning golf shirts that can be branded to make your company logo or brand stand out and dazzle every eye that sees it! We offer you exciting golf shirt options in a variety of fun, classic and professional styles for any corporate, commercial or promotional clothing need!


Golf Shirts South Africa

We are a bulk supplier of golf shirts in South Africa. Golf shirts are made for a country like South Africa, with its sunny spots, hot winds and summer filled days! A golf shirt is a perfect choice for South African summers! Cool down the office in a comfortable, classic, cool and classy golf shirt. Make your sports team win all the goals with no sweat, make your promotional event like a golf day shine in a fun and funky golf shirt or make a trendy and sleek golf shirt part of your corporate uniform.

Golf Shirts Online

We supply golf shirts online, making it easy and oh so accessible to you! Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives and becoming more integral to society and the way of the world’s functioning. Don’t get left behind and join the ease of online ordering! Our online website offers a simple platform for making your ordering process a breeze! Select your choice of golf shirts in the colour and size you require, state if you would like branding or not and by the click of a button place your order! Our executive sales representatives will get back to you in the blink of an eye, ready to assist with friendly service and make your branding dreams come true! We seek to solve your branding needs and create a pleasurable experience!

Black Golf Shirt

Black golf shirts are the choice if you’re looking for a classic look of elegance and class. Black has been a standard colour for many businesses and companies for over decades! A colour that stand out in grace and sophistication. Tie your brand or company to a black golf shirt, you’ll be the talk of the town! Black golf shirts make for great branded golf shirts and let your logo stand out.


Golf Shirts for Students

Golf shirts for students make a great fit for those on-the-go students, chasing the books and running after deadlines! Gifting a golf shirt to a student or making golf shirts part of a university’s clothing uniform is a unique and innovative branding strategy. Students are always on the move and rushing towards the next thing. Sprinting around campus, quick steps to lecture halls or speeding to the nearest watering hole to end the bustling day. Be a part of their busy lifestyle and make their lives a breeze! Keep the cool and calm for all campus demands, making what to wear the last thing to worry about, a golf shirt will be easy to whip out and requires minimal styling! Let them roll out of bed, slip on a golf shirt and be ready for the days busy buzz! A golf shirt will make any student look dressed to impress without the effort! With so many fun and trendy colours and styles, a student will be beaming with happiness in a golf shirt! Make a smile appear out of their hectic day and let your brand be the reason for that! The youth are the future, they have potential purchasing power and could be your next college or CEO! Invest in the future, the upcoming buyers, clients and business partners! Devoting marketing towards the youth, offer you a pool of opportunities! Students are the movers and shakers of society, the loud dictators of what’s on trend and decision makers of demand!

Moisture Management Golf Shirts

Moisture management, also known as water wicking, dri-fit, cool-fit, techno-dri or performance polyester. The type of fabric which the shirt is made from and the brand you choose, determines which type of moisture management it is. These fabrics are synthetic and designed to draw water away from your skin through the fibres. Reducing sweat from your body and on the shirt. Swing away on the field or in the office with no sweat! Feel comfort and drip free with a golf shirt that has moisture management fabric. Our range of moisture management golf shirts offer you the ease you can rely on in the boardroom or on the field! 

Trendy Golf Shirts

Trendy golf shirts are what we supply best! Keeping update with the moving world and the ever-changing trends is what we’re all about. Aiming to stay in tune with what’s in and what’s new, providing you with cutting edge styles and must-have options in golf shirts! Staying on trend is key for keeping your business, company, organisation or brand relevant and relatable. 

Professional golf shirts

Slazenger golf shirts offer you with a polished look and sleek elegant appearance. Look your best to be the best! Strut into the office with all eyes on you and ears ready to listen! How you present your brand or represent your company impacts the presence of your brand or business. Make sure to imprint a touch of class and subtle hint of finesse into the minds of your clients and customers. Impressions make a lasting impact and can have a major influence on the power of your brand or company. Strive to look the part so you can soak up success and growth! Thrive with a golf shirt and become a professional Viking of victory!

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